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A service for people with developmental disabilities

Service Coordination helps people with developmental disabilities  navigate various service systems in pursuit of the necessary and desired services and supports that will help to achieve and/or maintain their personal goals.

People with disabilities are seeking control over their lives in all areas of life, but especially those areas that affect home, work, friends, finance, health and leisure.  The resources, supports and services for people with developmental disabilities continue to grow in number and complexity. It is a challenge to keep up with the changes and to maximize the opportunities.  

Our Service Coordinators help individuals and/or their families explore what they want and need in life and then assist them in getting it. We work in partnership with the person and/or family to develop, implement and maintain the person's life plan. 

We help people to attain the highest quality of life and to live as independently and productively as possible. We work with individuals of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Our Service Coordinators are highly skilled, compassionate, and understanding professionals, with many years of experience.

 For information, please contact one of our Service Coordinators:

 Jennifer  Purpura, MSC                      or              Christy Williams-Wood, MSC

  phone: 716-631-9212  ext 106                            phone: 716-631-9212 ext 107

 email:                               email: